Makeup Workshops

Makeup Artist Portfolio Workshops -

Private workshops for the makeup artist who wants to build or build upon their current makeup/hair porfolio.  Bring your own model(s) or we can provide one for you (additional fees may apply).

Provided for you:

  • Guided assistance

  • Makeup/hair kit

  • Hair accesories

  • Digital photos of your finished work

Personal One-on-One Private Lesson -

Private lessons are available for you to learn anything that you need with the products and tools that you currently own.  Whether you're a bride who wants to learn how to do your own makeup on your big day or a makeup artist who wants to learn advanced makeup techniques, you will maximize your time and money with this custom tailored workshop.


  • Basic or advanced makeup

  • Targeted or general makeup applications

  • Airbrush makeup

  • Advanced HD makeup

Eye Makeup Workshop - (3 hours, groups of 10 or more, onsite workshop)

Includes the following products for you to practice and take home (subject to change):

  • Eye primer

  • Eye shadow or mascara

  • Eye brow kit or eye liner

This class teaches you hands-on application techniques:

  • Eye makeup application based on your unique eye shape

  • Eye brow shaping/design based on your face shape

  • Lash application

  • Correct use of eye makeup products

  • Simple, fast glamour eyes, natural eye makeup, and smokey eyes

Makeup Application 101 - (3 hours, groups of 10 or more, onsite workshop) o change):

 Includes the following products for you to practice and take home (subject to change):

  • Face primer

  • Blush/ bronzer duo or contour/highlight duo

  • Lip care kit or lip plumper

This class teaches you hands-on application techniques:

  • Importance of prepping skin for makeup application

  • Choosing the right foundation for your skin type and skin tone,

  • Correct blush application

  • Contouring and highlighting

  • Lip application tricks and tips

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 Glam Doll Makeup Studio is located at 1734 Stateline Rd. West, Southaven, MS. 

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Can you host a makeup party? Yes?

Do you teach young children how to apply makeup? Yes?

Will I learn how to do makeup after taking your makeup coaching program? Yes?

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Classes and event schedule below to get more information.

All classes include time for hands-on guided practice and questions.  All products and tools will be provided for the workshops. However, you can also bring your own makeup/brushes to learn how to correctly use what you currently own.  We will travel to your location of choice up to 30 miles each way (additional travel fees will be added if location is over 30 miles one way).  

Class locations are only at Glam Doll Makeup Studio at this time.  If you wish to schedule a one-on-one session, please note that our studio location is in Southaven, MS.    


Who is this class for? An intensive one-day course  (6pm - 9pm)  designed for the woman who wants to master the art of applying her own make-up and styling her hair. Ideal for all basic to intermediate skill levels whether you are 16 or 60.

Here’s what we do:

MAKE UP: Our unique programme begins with an overview of how to correctly use every make-up artist's secret weapon - brushes. Then we focus on techniques and products that will help you create a flawless, natural-looking base. Next we work on the art of highlighting and contouring the face, concealing blemishes, eye bags, disguising problem areas and enhancing your best features. Then we'll help you identify the right colour pallet to make your eyes look electric and show you how to adapt it for day and evening looks. After it's time to focus on the finishing touches - lashes, brows and lips. 

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